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Postcard from Beirut: Homeworks 6

Since it was founded in 2002, Homeworks has taken place every two or three years in Beirut. Organized by Christine Tohme, the powerhouse director behind the non-profit Ashkal Alwan, the event describes itself as ‘a forum on cultural practices’. This is not a biennial with an infinite number of collectors and curators rushing around with different coloured VIP badges, nor is it parcelled into different chunks – separate tours for press, cultural tourists, museum directors, and so on. In fact, for this first-time visitor, it seemed like there were no tickets at all: Homeworks 6 was free and open to anyone; the most reliable means of access was one’s enthusiasm to push through the crowds. Programmes were divided into different sections: projects, performance, performance-lectures (of which Lebanon is surely the spiritual home), plain old lectures, film and video screenings, dance, theatre, literature and, of course, an exhibition.

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Coming Soon: Portal 9


Portal 9 is a journal of stories and critical writing about urbanism and the city. By focusing on a unique theme, each issue blends creative writing, photography, and personal essays with academic scholarship, perceptive journalism, and cultural critiques.

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Summer 2012

Release of inaugural issue “The Imagined”
Autumn 2012

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